There are so many reasons to love linen.

It’s eco-friendly and sustainable. The fibre that linen is made from is called flax. Traditionally, every part of the flax plant is used right down to the seeds – no waste. Flax plants have beautiful flowers – primarily blue, can grow in poor soil and water consumption is low. It requires less use of pesticides and fertilizers. The fibres are recyclable and eventually biodegradable. Linen production by-products are also processed into a pulp to become fibre board or currency.

It’s versatile. Available in many weights for all seasons, linen is used in home decor, clothing and accessories. It is non-allergenic and can absorb up to 20% moisture before it feels damp. It’s water wicking properties allows it to dry quickly.

It’s easy to maintain. Using mild detergent, wash by hand or on a gentle cycle in cool water. Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting. Press or don’t press – the choice is entirely up to you!

Wrinkles are part of the deal but that is not a bad thing in casual settings. If anything, it adds a dimension of carefree elegance!

Last but not least, the more you wear it, the softer, stronger and more comfortable the feel. It becomes uniquely tailored just for you!