In 2016 we needed a change.  Wanting a simpler, quieter life away from the confines of a small city, we sold our neighbourhood home of 33 years.  It was a daunting decision and one we have never regretted.

Through a mutual acquaintance and sheer luck – we found a small cabin nestled in pine trees on an acre just seven minutes from town.  The cabin was cute, clean, a little rough and the property overgrown.

But it wasn’t hard to see the potential.  Lakeview, a small creek and wildlife corridor in the back of the property, songbirds instead of sirens, hidden native plants, wildlife – we were all in.

At first, we didn’t have a clue other than to clean up the mass of debris.  We are learning as we go to be thoughtful about ecosystems as we gradually restore to a natural park habitat. Only items salvaged from the property or from a lumber yard scrap bin have been used in the process. And no over raking!

So welcome to our life at Yarrow Creek and home to the Linen Ladder Studio™. We hope you drop in every now and then to browse the Linen Ladder™ Shop and see our progress on the acreage!