Capturing moments through photography is a constant for all of us.

It tells our story.

With the dawn of digital cameras, the art of taking film photos is lost for most of us (unless you are a pro). It also became cost prohibitive. Add up the cost of film and processing, plus paying processing on all those out of focus, random photos – digital is a welcome technology!

But there is something romantic about film that I truly miss with the digital age.

My mother started out with a Kodak Duraflex III shown below in the early 60’s and passed it on to me. It is still in working condition.

I started out with the Nikon EM shown above, in 1982 – one of Nikon’s introductory cameras. It went everywhere with me and was always at the ready to snap a shot of whatever caught my eye. I confess to an affinity to black and white photos.

Forty years later, this little Nikon continues to be used by my daughter, Mary. By the time she was 3, she was already an aspiring photographer. Using the Nikon to photograph her Barbie “models” after she had cut and styled their hair. (Well, mostly just hacked – not so much styling involved!) Her photographic journey has evolved to an artistic level. Her affinity is light – how it bends and reflects across her subjects.

Our walls are filled with collages of our life taken through the lens. We enjoy and laugh everyday as our eyes and minds wander through each photo’s story and moment in time.